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Of Gods and Men by catburn
Of Gods and Men
As soon as I have a chance I'll resubmit this scanned instead of a crappy phone picture.
Drawing I did last night, it is supposed to be myself and yeah..
A young boy and a young girl lying in a field, staring into the night sky. A soft wind causing the tall grass to gently sway around them. The little girl shifts a little and looks over at the boy, "You ever wonder if there's someone out there?" She quickly looks back to the stars as the boy gets a confused look on his face and replies, "Whatdya mean?" A bright shooting star blasts across the black abyss before disappearing. "Like someone up there is looking down here." the girl replies softly, her bright green eyes seemingly counting the stars waiting for a reply. "I dunno, you think we'll ever meet them?" the boys answers, "I hope so, don't you?!" The little girl quickly retorts as she raises one of her arms as though to touch the moon. Another shooting star flies across the sky, lasting much longer than the first before disappearing from view. The wind stops for a moment and the grass stops moving, the boy slowly smiles, "Yeah, maybe we'll all be friends!" The girl lowers her arm and excitedly smiles back, "Yeah! Friends!"
Unknown to the children, the second shooting star was in fact a spaceship. The first of many to leave Earth, to colonize other planets. Within another twenty years a girl who devoted her life to science leads in creating the first faster than light engine designed to carry human colonists to habitable planets. The first ship, the U.S.S.C SERENITY carries approximately 4,500 people, including the now elderly Dr. Heather Graham, to a planet later dubbed Helios. and within another twenty years humanity had colonized five planets other than earth: Helios, Yen-Sen-Gi, Alexandria, Apex, and Zorn. Not to mention the fleet of over fifty star ships transporting and protecting humanity. It wasn't until nearly the beginning of the 22nd century that we made contact with another sentient race. At first the Senterians seemed to only want peace and insisted upon diplomatic meetings constantly. As soon as they found our home-world that changed. The field no longer had tall grass swaying gently, only a large tree devoid of leaves creaked in the hoarse wind. The sky was no longer as bright as it had once been, now choked with smoke and debris. The children's voices echo with an eerie whisper.  "Do you think we'll ever meet them? I hope so, Don't you?!" A gust of wind causes some sand to swirl about just as the old tree gives up and comes crashing to the ground. "Like someone up there is looking down here..."
Suddenly a soft rain begin to fall, creating a quiet beat on the ground. The sound in the desolate place had a redeeming quality to it. Shining through the shield of smoke a shooting star launched across the dark sky. "I hope so..." The rain continued for days, its stop gave way to light for the first time in what seemed forever. Soon enough a single sapling burst out of the dirt. "...don't you?!"
"I dunno, you think we'll meet them?"
The cold gale rushed through the building's courtyard and parking lot. A sidewalk separated the two with only a single bench that had tall lampposts on either side. One could only make out the stone path by this landmark, and while one light had long been extinguished the other filled the white landscape with an eerie glow. A lone man sat on said bench, shivering slightly even though his bulky coat seemed to shield him from the flurry. In the distance the low rumble of the city and its inhabitants could be heard, further elaborating upon the destitute scene. A thin red sign swayed in the frozen wind as the man withdrew his hand from the inside of his coat. He raised a cigarette to his lips and quickly hid his hand again only to reappear with a silver lighter. With a couple flicks of his thumb the courtyard was filled with another light; this one was warmer, but brought with it wicked shadows dancing along the snow.                                                                              
They flickered from place to place before departing again, leaving only a orange ember that barely cast a slight glow upon the mans pale hand and face. His appearance was of a tired man, of around his early thirties. His complexion was rough and melancholy, a thin scar running down his left check, a river of pain through the stubble that had been unchecked for at least a week. His eyes were the only bright part of his face, they shown blue, like a calm spring day's sky; but even they seemed off. A siren accompanied by flashing lights ran by him but he seemed unfazed, like something was eating away at him from the inside.
The moments blurred on, each second taking a bit of the cigarette with it into the whirlwind of ice and sleet. Something changed on the mans pale skin, just as a crimson drop hit the snow, one last plume of smoke exited his mouth before the cigarette came plummeting down, exploding in a tiny burst of ember before completely disappearing. More crimson can to join the first drop; originating from his right eye, like tears. The man didn't seem the least bothered by the blood, his gaze not even abating from straight ahead. His hand had fallen to his knee, and a couple drops of blood already adorned its stark surface.
The night sky was no longer as dark as it had been, everywhere seemed to glow red or blue, and the rumble of the city had elevated to such a level. The wailing of a siren, rising and falling in pitch echoed all about the buildings. It was a deeply morning sound that only gave way to screams and a few mild explosions. These shouts finally awoke the man from his stupor to the realization of what he had taken part in, and what was happening to him and so many others. Some kind of sickness from overseas, no one knew much about it other than it was horrible. A louder explosion caused the man to jerk, gently spraying a bit of thin blood along the ground. Now the mans nose and mouth had joined in the mysterious bleeding, his eyes were no longer bright, showing a bit grey. Terror and sorrow shown on his face as a window far above him on the building shattered outward and something hit the ground hard with a slightly wet thud.
The government had pressured the man and his team to get a sample of this unknown sickness to test it. They had been sure of the facilities security while the physicians inside were not. It had gotten out, and all attempts to quarantine it ended in failure. This man had left to see his daughter one last time, only to find out she had been taken to a local hospital; which had care-flighted her to a larger hospital where he now sat outside. She had developed strange callouses along her back and neck, fever followed, bringing with it hallucinations and hysteria. The last the man got to see of his daughter was her face covered in blood, being restrained to her bed and injected with something. The plague was traveling faster than any of them had thought it would.
The horror of the situation caused the man to break out in insane yelling, "NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! THIS SHOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED" before the man's mind fell to darkness. His body still moved, his lips still uttering the denial. Gunshots had mixed into the desolate song being played all along the country. The cold gale still swirled the flurry up and around the panicked scenes. The wicked shadows evolving into oddly familiar monsters fueled by nothing more than pure primal instinct. The soft snow still fluttered to the ground almost beautifully, retaking the red dots in front of the lonesome bench with white.
Deranged Regret
Short story that falls into the same universe as Black-Dawn, White-Nite, My hopefully soon to be novel!
How do art commissions work, I mean I have a basic idea but could someone fill me in a little more detailed?


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I enjoy to write and draw. I'm in the process of writing two novels, and I enjoy drawing weapons, concepts, and varied anime, particularly Dragon Ball

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